Did Toni Braxton Have Plastic Surgery?

Did Toni Braxton Have Plastic Surgery?

Toni Braxton is widely known for her work as a singer-songwriter, pianist, musician, record producer, actress, and television personality. She started to gain popularity at the beginning of the 1990s by establishing herself as a RnB icon and become one of the best-selling female artists of the 1990s decade. Braxton is being recognized as one of the most outstanding voices of this generation and earned the title “Queen of R&B.” Braxton released her self-titled debut in 1993, sold over 10 million copies worldwide and earned her three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist. Later in 1996, Braxton enjoyed another success for her second album, Secrets, which gained wide acclaims and earned her two Grammy Awards. Braxton’s third album, The Heat, released in 2000 and she won a Grammy Award for that album. Braxton has released six album, with the following albums including More Than a Woman, Libra, and Pulse. Additionally, she also released a Christmas album in 2001 entitled Snowflakes. Following her hiatus for several years from a musical career, she released her duet project album with Babyface entitled Love, Marriage & Divorce. During her musical career, Braxton has sold over 66 million records including 40 million albums worldwide. In 2011 Braxton was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and had made three tours in 1997, 2006 and 2013. Besides her successful musical career, Braxton has also known as a television personality by involving in the 7th season of the TV show Dancing with the Stars and starring in a reality series Braxton Family Values along since 2011.

The Revealing Truth

The story of Toni Braxton plastic surgery is one of the most interesting experiences of celebrity makeup surgery procedures. Not like many other public figures, the singer openly admitted that some parts of her current look are the result of plastic surgery and let the people judge her as they want. Besides telling the truth, she also told her fans about the abortion which she conducted for her first child. She was then given two songs later on, but before plastic surgery, she found that the saggy breasts were a problem. On the other hand, the R&B musician also admitted that Toni Braxton was always envied at her sisters who have bigger breasts and she felt so unlucky. The solution for this problem is breast implant as one of the procedures in her plastic surgery. Besides that, she also said that the improvement of Toni Braxton appearance is the result of several Botox injections to her face, complete with a slight nose job. With the procedure, she is able to maintain the youthful and beautiful look, makes her looks wonderful although she is no longer young.

Several Punishment

Besides the successful experience of plastic surgery in reaching her dreams, there is an interesting fact behind it. The result in her breasts should be taken off because it was diagnosed to have a complication. On the other hand, her first son is suffered from autism. The singer comments about the experience of plastic surgery, completed with the condition of her son as a ‘punishment’ for the abortion which she had in her first pregnancy. Actually, without all the procedures, she does not have to lose the natural beauty of Toni Braxton before plastic surgery and let herself aging gracefully.

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