Stana Katic Nose Job Result

Stana Katic Nose Job Result

Stana Katic has Serbian blood in her veins and has been active as an actress since 1999. She gained much popularity for her role as Detective Kate Beckett on the ABC series Castle. She was graduated from West Aurora High School in 1996 and studied acting from 2000 to 2002 at School of Drama. She also trained her acting skill by studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Katic made a breakthrough appearance by her role as Hana Gitelman in Heroes, Collette Stanger in 24 and as Jenny in the film Feast of Love. She also played in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. In 2008 ABC officially announced the acquisition of their television series entitled Castle with Katic played the role of Kate Beckett. For her work on the show, she gets the PRISM Awards for Performance in a Drama Episode. In the same year, she also established her own production company, Sine Timore Productions. She was also ranked #6 on its list of “The 15 Best Drama Lead Actresses of the 2011-2012 TV Season”.

In 2011 Katic won the third annual Shorty Award for the actress category and won the Most Glamorous Actress online ballot at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Katic served as a jury member at the 2011 Film Festival Zlin and became the presenter at America Awards ceremony. Katic was also nominated for the 39th People’s Choice Awards. She won Favorite Dramatic TV Actress category at the 40th People’s Choice Awards. Besides her acting skill, Katic is known for her fluency in English, Serbian, Croatian, French, Italian and Slovenian.

Beauty Enhancement

No one can deny the fact that the actress has a stunning look which everyone is envy to look at. However, it seems different for her. The rumor of Stana Katic plastic surgery is quite astonishing because many people think that there is nothing wrong with the actress’ look. But we never know what is inside her head, but the photographs of Stana Katic tell us what she had done to her appearance. One of the hottest discussion among the headline of entertainment media is the procedure for her nose. Comparing the old look of Stana Katic, people believe that her current nasal feature is one example of the good outcome of Rhinoplasty. Stana Katic plastic surgery takes several years since the actress is likely to prefer gradual change which later ended up with the best result than instant significant change. And the strategy seems to work well on her because the result of plastic surgery looks satisfying. The previous wide bridge and bulbous nose had gradually reformed by the help of a scalpel, and the actress is likely to gain much benefit from the procedure.

Perfect and Young

In addition to the refined nose, the lasted youth is another goal of Stana Katic. It can be observed from several images of Stana Katic how the actress is in a battle against aging signs as she grows older. Getting closer to the age of 40, Botox injection seems to be the best solution in plastic surgery. The result is as good as her attempt to reform her nose. After plastic surgery, she looks more amazing with the flawless look, and she succeeds in maintaining her youthful look and natural beauty.

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