Tameka Cottle, Beauty Transformation of Duckling

Tameka Cottle, Beauty Transformation of Duckling

Tameka Cottle-Haris is a singer-songwriter from Jonesboro, Georgia who gained much popularity for her marriage with rapper T.I. And as a member of the multi-platinum R&B group Xscape. On the other hand, her name also raised into prominence as she received a Grammy Award for the TLC hit No Scrubs. She joined the RnB quartet Xscape in 1993 during her school years in Tri-Cities Performing Arts High School. As a member of the group, she has contributed to 3 of its platinum albums including Humming Coming at ‘Cha, Off the Hook and Traces of My Lipstick. With the group, she has received two Soul Train Music Award and the A-Town Music Award. She holds the role as the lead vocal on five of Xscape’s hit singles such as Understanding; Love’s a Funny Thing, Do You Want To, All I Need and Am I Dreaming. Following the release of Xscape’s third album entitled Traces of My Lipstick in 1998, the band parted. As a musician, she has also gained other accomplishments. The single No Pigeons also earned her an ASCAP Rap Award. Currently, she is involved in a project with Kiesha Miles called the OMG Girlz in which her daughter, Zonnique, is a part of the trio group. Cottle made her television debut by appearing in her reality series Tiny and Toya in 2009. Following her hiatus from musical career for several years due to her acting work, she returned in 2014 as a solo and released her first solo singer What The Fuck You Gon Do? The song reached the number 5 ranking on the iTunes R&B/Soul charts within a few hours of the song release and became the number one song on the charts for the genre in less than 24 hours after it released.

Several Works for Perfect Look

Like it or not, appearance is an essential thing for anyone who works as an entertainer, and Cottle realized that she needed some works to make her appearance looks better. It seems that the singer found that plastic surgery will be such a solution for the problem. In the first place, she wanted to maintain the youthful look by letting several injections into her face, including Botox. In the first place the result of plastic surgery seems to give her much benefits seems she looks better and young even though she is already reached the age of 40 years old. However later on, from the images of Tameka Cottle, it can be seen that the musician seems to be obsessed with the promise of procedure and let it conducted overdone. Currently, she has such a weird look with much plumper and tighter face as the result of plastic surgery. Many people feel sorry about what happens to her face because she gradually loses the natural beauty and the procedures have turned into such a disastrous look for her.

Refined Breasts and Butts

Youthful look does not seem to make her happy because her plastic surgery also includes several procedures to refine her body figures. The images of Tameka Cottle strongly indicates that she has conducted some works for her breasts and butts, especially implant procedures to add the size of them and makes her looks more attractive. Previously, Tameka Cottle did not seem very confident to show publicly with quite flat breasts and butts, and the outcome gives her many benefits, from the bigger size of breasts and butts also increasing her self-esteem. Hopefully, she will not let the works in her body overdone and turns her natural beauty becomes a nightmare for herself and her career.

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